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Keiser M3

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Exercise Bike Hire - The Keiser M3

  • Featuring numerous patents in its design and receiving numerous design awards, the unique resistance system is what sets this machine apart.

  • Traditional resistance methods were noisy, high maintenance, and inconsistent. The M3s magnetic system provides non-contact, no wear, no noise resistance.

  • Couple this to the ply-v belt drive and you get  a hugely reliable machine for years of trouble free ownership

  • Alloys, Stainless steel and high quality plastic guards give the bike exceptional resistance from corrosive sweat
  • The fly-wheel is located at the rear of the bike to keep it out of the sweat zone
  • Engineered purely as a gym class machine and located in the biggest and most prestigious gyms in the UK - check out your nearest David Lloyds!
Quiet & easy to live with

You can enjoy the benefits of your exercise bike hire without fear of disturbing the peace for family and neighbours.

  • The magnetic eddy current resistance mechanism is perfectly silent
  • The ply-v belt drive is silent in operation too, replacing noisy chains found in other machines
  • With a small foortprint this machine is easily moved out of the way after exercise
  • Long life battery power for the monitor enables you to locate the machine where you like with no messy electric cables trailing on the floor
  • Stunningly designed with finely machined alloy components - its simplicity is its beauty
Excellent Feedback
  • Simple to use monitor with no buttons to press and no menus to learn
  • Despite its simplicity the monitor gives you information on:- cadence/watts/calories burned/gear/heart rate/trip distance/total distance
  • Auto on/off
  • To enhance the enjoyment of your exercise bike hire, we strongly recommend the use of a heartrate monitor whilst working out on the Keiser M3 and indeed undertaking other forms of aerobic exercise. This enables you to work at exactly the correct intensity for you as an individual to best achieve your goals and enjoy being able to measure how your fitness is improving. Use a polar coded chest transmitter belt to interface wirelessly with the Keiser M3 performance monitor.  Transmitters are available at our checkout or see accessories.
The Hire Process
  • Apply on line before 11.00am and receive your machine next day*
  • Basic Hire just £11.49/week or PRO Scheme (Buy as you hire) just £19.90 per week
  • Free delivery and collection to any UK Postcode
  • Security deposit of £50
  • Service charge of £50 at the end of hire - this is offset against your deposit
  • Minimum hire period of just 3 months on a rolling contract so you can keep hiring for as long as you wish
  • Simple fast and secure online application process
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