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Swing Weights

Buy or Hire now from only £5.95 per week

Why Rowhire?

  • No capital outlay

    A simple, low-cost weekly hire charge from £5.95.

    There is an up-front deposit of £25 at the start of the hire and a £25 service charge at the end of the hire. These costs will be offset against each other at the end of the contract.

  • No long term commitment

    Do you just want to try it? Do you have a short term goal? Need to slim down or tone up quick? The minimum hire period is only 3 months and we can get the weights delivered to you next day* for online applications received before 11.00am.

    * Terms and conditions apply. Click the Nationwide Next Day Delivery* button at the top of this page for more info.

  • Try before you buy

    Not sure if this is for you? If you don't like it we'll simply collect the weights at the end of the minimum hire period of three months. If you do like it as much as thousands of other users do, you can simply continue to take advantage of our low hire charges for as long as you wish, or buy the weights for a discount. Please contact us for more information.

  • Always there for you

    We repair and maintain your product - no worries.

  • Trusted

    At any time you can call or email us and if we can't help (we are a mix of rowers and Keiser trained indoor cycling instructors) then we probably know someone who can.

Why Swing Weights?

  • Add free weights in to your training routine to build lean muscle and flexibility to the upper and lower body.

  • Soft to the touch, beautifully tactile, and a real delight to use. The Swing Weights have a compact footprint and a classic aesthetic - it's more like a piece of furniture for your home.

  • The free movement of the pellets support the dynamic imbalance of your movements by shifting within the leather pouch.

  • Unique Swing Weight design gives three difficulty options per weight set – resting softly on top of wrist is easiest, a hanging rotating grip is ‘heavier’, or held rigidly straight out for the most challenging position.

  • Training book sits on top of the Tower with QR codes immediately linking your smart phone to quick video demonstrations of the correct technique.

  • With over 60 comprehensive instructional videos detailing individual movements and entire routines helping beginners and advanced users get the most from their training.

The Hire Process

  • Apply on line before 11.00am and receive your swing weights next day*
  • Basic Hire just £5.95/week or PRO Scheme (Buy as you hire) just £8.95 per week
  • Free delivery and collection to any UK Postcode
  • Security deposit of £25
  • Returns charge of £25 at the end of hire - this is offset against your deposit
  • Minimum hire period of just 3 months on a rolling contract so you can keep hiring for as long as you wish
  • Simple fast and secure online application process


Swing Weights


  • Individually hand-made in Germany
  • Wooden Ash handles are sanded and oiled by hand
  • Free moving iron pellets encased in black leather pouch with hand sewn contrast stitching
  • Tower made of solid Ash and brushed stainless steel
  • Tower includes training book and slot for tablet display screen
  • Swing weights are 2, 4, 6 and 8kg each and the Tower weighs 10kg - Total: 50kg
  • Dimensions: height 87cm, width 37cm and depth 37cm
Buy or Hire now from only £5.95 per week

Swing Weights Basic Hire

per week

Apply online before 11.00am and receive your weights next day.

Basic Hire just £5.95/week.

Free delivery and collection to any UK Postcode.

Security deposit of £25.

Returns charge of £25 at the end of hire - this is offset against your deposit.

Minimum hire period of just 3 months on a rolling contract so you can keep hiring for as long as you wish.

Simple, fast and secure online application process.

Swing Weights PRO Scheme

per week

If you think there is the possibility that you would wish to purchase your weights in the future then you should consider our PRO Scheme.

After 11 months of hiring at £8.95 per week incl VAT you will be given the option to purchase the swing weights for just £25.00 (we will use your initial £25 deposit for this).

You will always be sent brand new and unused weights - the total amount payable under the scheme is (£8.95 x 4.333 x 11 plus £25) £451.58

The minimum hire period is still just 3 months (on a rolling contract).

You can cancel at any time after 3 months (giving 30 days notice prior to your renewal date) and return your swing weights if you wish. We will even pick it up free of charge!

If you do cancel at any time the only other charge that would apply would be the Returns Charge of £25.00 which will be offset against your original deposit.

Buy Outright
Next day delivery

Apply on line before 11.00am and receive your equipment next day

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